Pregnancy, Birth and Babies



Reflexology is extremely beneficial during pregnancy and in preparation for birth. It can help to alleviate many of the discomforts that can occur such as morning sickness, backache, digestive problems and swollen ankles – generally maintaining a healthy and relaxed pregnancy. It can also help to prepare the body for childbirth.

Studies have shown that reflexology in the last few weeks of pregnancy can result in shorter labour times.

Craniosacral therapy and aromatherapy can also be extremely relaxing and helpful for many of the issues that can arise from the physical and emotional changes in pregnancy. Pregnancy massage takes place on special cushions to allow comfortable and save lying on the front. Many clients find this alone to be bliss!


Babies & Children

Craniosacral therapy is  ideal for even the tiniest baby because of its gentle nature. Smoothing out emotional or physical difficulties at this age can be far easier and can prevent them settling into long-term problems.

Following birth, a baby’s system can be unsettled due to compression in the birth canal. A baby’s pliable skull has bones intended to move during birth, then  to reposition and fuse over the first few weeks up to around the age of two, but thy may not always return easily to their optimum position.  If intervention is required in birth such as caesarian, ventouse or forceps, stress can result physically and to the nervous system.

A difficult birth can be traumatic for the baby. Sometimes either through positioning in the uterus in pregnancy or from the position in the birth canal, there can also be strain or tightness in the muscles of the neck or around the hips. This is turn may make comfortable positioning of the neck for difficult for feeding. It can also lead to irritation of the vagus nerve which can affect the baby’s digestion and cause reflux or colic. These can often be cleared very quickly with treatment.

Treatment has shown to be beneficial for colic, excessive crying, feeding difficulties and excessively disrupted sleep patterns in babies.

I also treat children with ADHD, autism and learning difficulties.

For older children and teenagers, life can be complex- managing personal change and growth as well as demands at school and in the outside world. Craniosacral Therapy and learning some breathing or relaxation techniques  can be supportive in managing anxiety or emotional issues, or physical problems that might arrive from stress and at particularly difficult times such as exams.

Baby massage

Baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. Healthy attachment and bonding can and have life-long benefits. Learning to listen to your baby’s cues through massage will develop your instinctive connection with your baby, enabling you to understand your baby’s needs better. It helps soothe the baby and can help with colic and improve sleeping patterns. Above all it is a beautiful way to spend time together. Classes can be arranged on a one-to-one basis or with a group of friends in your own home.