Lesley Corbet Holistic Therapist

I am a Craniosacral Therapist, ReflexologistAromatherapist and Breathwork & Relaxation Teacher with many years experience.

I aim to help you achieve your best possible emotional & physical health by encouraging your natural state of well-being. I provide nurturing, relaxing treatments that are beneficial to health – combining sensitivity with a down to earth approach.

I can support you with a unique combination of therapies to encourage your nervous system to rest and restore balance which in turn puts the body into its optimal space for healing, digesting, eliminating and repairing. Though each therapy I practice is quite different in its approach, they combine well to achieve even greater benefits and share a common ground which I believe to be crucial to the way they work.


True holistic health lies in taking the individual as a whole. The mind and body are so entirely interlinked through the nervous system. Though holistic therapies have always taken this approach, science is understanding this more than ever. For example, difficult emotions can cause many physical problems such as headaches or digestive issues; our immune system is affected by stress; we sleep badly when we are anxious, which can then result in many physical complaints, and so it goes on…The mind/gut connection has also been finally talked about a lot more recently.

Most of us spend too much time with our nervous system in flight or fight mode. Fight or flight is essential to our survival in an emergency situation, but can cause us many problems when it is in day to day living. encouraging the nervous system back to rest and digest mode allows us not just to feel better and to relax in the moment, but can allow the body to eradicate many physical problems. All my treatments aim to encourage the nervous system into this healing state of relaxation. Through holistic therapies the body, mind and nervous system can all be supported .

Breathwork and relaxation can also help by giving you tools to use outside of the therapy session. It may be through learning to recognise patterns of tension or suppressed feelings and learning how to release them. Or through learning to breathe in a deeper, more optimal way.

Life can be so busy- we can easily forget to listen to our body or even forget how to. It can be helpful to have dedicated peaceful time and place to connect with ourselves in a supported way. Often the body has its own answers if we give it a chance to be heard and to heal. Whether through treatment, relaxation techniques or improving breathing, I like to feel that our sessions are more about helping to make changes and improving life and health in the days in between sessions than simply being about feeling better for an hour.

I am always happy to provide one-off or occasional treatments, but a course of treatments will provide most benefit and opportunity for real change.